Still Lucky

Still Lucky

August 28 2021

I am so fortunate to be doing what I love-growing things. I used to grow kids and animals (farm), but now it’s just plants. My husband and I have sold our farms and moved five times in three different states and each time I built new gardens. Now, some forty years later, we are still devoted to our (albeit smaller) farm and gardens. It is always a labor of love and my current gardens-dare I think last?-may be the best one yet for I am always learning something new and coming up with new designs I want to try. My friend says I suffer from ideaphoria-a plethora of new and happy ideas. Probably.

I have found peace in the gardens and an outlet for a very busy mind. I have a sign that says “Easily Distracted By Plants”. Thank goodness! The best part of my life began in a garden. This August evening as I sit and watch some storm clouds roll in, the yellow warblers and hummingbirds find something to eat in the gardens, and many many flowers blooming, I count my blessings. The vegetable garden is in full swing and the air is cool after a long hot summer. My cup runneth over.

Not only plants fascinate me, but also the connections between all humans and the plant world. There are so many stories about how plants got their names, how people have carried them around the world (not always a good thing, but many, many times it is), and the history behind our plants foods and medicines. We mostly just take it all for granted-who gives much thought to the origins of that morning cup of coffee (well, not me, I’ve never drunk a cup of coffee in my life) or the lumber in your kitchen table.

Owning land is a sacred trust-it’s all we have, it’s everything, we’ve nowhere else to go. My gardens feed me but they also feed the bees and the birds. I could get all spiritual and metaphysical about it, but really the fact that all these everyday wonders exist at all is enough. Consider how plants use starlight and give us oxygen; somehow giving that miracle an otherworldly explanation just seems too simple, when it's really wondrously complicated. It's as though words are inadequate for any explanation for our profound connection to nature and the harder I try, the more I muddy the waters. It just is, and for me, asking why somehow detracts from the rightness of our place in the natural world. See! Enough already.

Now in it’s fourth summer, my latest garden is maturing, the perennials are reaching their full size though the trees and shrubs will continue to grow larger. Every day I am lucky enough to be the caretaker of this piece of earth is a blessing. My luck is holding.