August 13 2021

Lime green and hot pink? No? Well, not in my house or my clothes, but it looks perfectly acceptable in the garden in my opinion. Gaudy, hot pink peonies and a background of lime green ‘Lemon Lace’ elderberry. I didn’t used to like lime green plants, I thought they looked sick. In my defense, I do have some sort of lime green/yellow plants that are not supposed to be that color at all-they are sick, an iron deficiency. However, this elderberry has changed my perspective. It is a six to eight foot mound of bright light green to yellow deeply cut leaves as graceful as a Japanese maple. I grow it for its foliage only, it could get berries if the blossoms don’t freeze in the spring, but I’m not interested in a few red elderberries, apparently all elderberries (the berries themselves) are poisonous and must be cooked before they are consumed and I prefer the larger blue native elderberries when I make cough syrup anyway. Lemon Lace tolerates sun, but mine gets afternoon shade. They are very, very showy plants.

Color is such a subjective thing-here I was with my mind set about lime green plants (I used to not like pink, either) and I’m loving the hot pink and lime green together. I’ve heard gardener’s say, “I don’t like orange flowers” or “I don’t care for white ones.” Some people like monochromatic gardens, or certain combinations (blue and yellow come to mind), some like hot colors like red, orange or yellow and some don’t care at all-they like their gardens to be a riot of color. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with any of this, there’s not one right way. Besides, I don’t possess enough self control when it comes to plants to design a garden with a limited palette of colors. All bets are off. This lime green and hot pink combo is purely serendipitous, not a part of a grand scheme, as are so many things in life. There are many things that don’t turn out as we hoped or expected and I have spent more of my life than I should have giving them undue attention. I’ve found that just a few words of appreciation for anything at all is changing the way I see the world around me. Many, many things turn out alright-I just needed to concentrate on those. Who knows, maybe today you’ll find something to delight you-something you never thought of-even if it’s as simple as lime green and hot pink brightening your day.

Sambucus racemosa, ‘Lemon Lace’ elderberry, zone 4-7

Paeonia, ‘Karl Rosenfield’,